Egret in Menai Bridge on Anglesey
Photo : Tim Snow

Bird watching on Anglesey

If bird watching is your hobby, then welcome to paradise! Like most places there are lots of different birds to see on Anglesey, but there are some places that are better than others. Below is a list of some special areas of interest to birdwatchers on Anglesey.

Great locations on Anglesey for bird watching

razorbills and guillemots on cliffs at South Stack on Anglesey

RSPB South Stack

This stunning area of Anglesey is managed by the RSPB, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. RSPB South Stack will give you an amazing experience, you will be able to see the birds nesting on the cliffs through telescopes and an even closer view via live television provided by the latest high quality cameras positioned on the cliffs near to the nesting birds.

During the Spring and Summer months the local area becomes a carpet of magical colour when the heather flowers, if you look out to sea you may see a pod of dolphins, a common sight around many parts of Anglesey. The cliffs around South Stack are famous for around 4,000 nesting guillemot’s, puffins, choughs and razor bills to name but a few birds which habit the surrounding cliffs.

Approaching Cemlyn bay nature reserve

Cemlyn nature reserve

The Cemlyn reserve is situated on the North coast of Anglesey near to Cemaes Bay. The land is owned by the National Trust, but since 1971 has been leased to North Wales Wildlife Trust (NWWT). The National Trust owns many other areas of beautiful coastline on and around Anglesey.

During the 1930’s a Captain V Hewitt who had purchased a property near by, called Bryn Aber, had a passion for birds and created a dam and wier at Cemlyn thus creating a large lagoon, which has become a natural refuge for birds. The lagoon has several small islands which provide a safe area for nesting Terns which return each year to breed. The islands on the western side of the lagoon supports the only breeding Sandwich Tern colony in Wales, from May to August the colony is wardened.

Birdwatching at Cemlyn nature reserve Arctic and common Terns breed here on a regular basis along with the occasional Roseate Tern. During the winter month this area is an important location for wintering wildfowl such as Teal, Shoveler and Widgeon.

During 1958 this site was designated a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSI) and also a Special Protection Area (SPA) as well as the Skerrie’s

bird watching at Malltraeth marsh

Malltraeth estuary is a fantastic place for birdwatching whilst on Anglesey. Not only do you have the estuary itself, but the area behind the cob, where there are several ponds, Little Egrets, Herons, and Swans, Little Ringed Plover, Merlin and Bittern to name a few. Avocets have also recently been spotted here recently.

RSPB Valley Wetlands

These fairly large lakes are situated across the road from the active air base RAF Valley. The beauty about this location is that it is open all year round, but there are no toilets, visitor centre or reception staff. If you require any refreshments there is a shop about half a mile up the road, just before the start of the camp.