Kitesurfing at Rhosneigr
Photo : Tim Snow

Kitesurfing on Anglesey

If you love the thrill of Kitesurfing, then Anglesey is a fantastic location for you! Whether your a novice or an experienced kite surfer We have some amazing beaches for you. Rhosneigr is without a doubt the kitesurfing capital of Anglesey, this is mainly due to its open and exposed location to the westerly wind, very easy access to the beach and relatively easy parking.

Kitesurfing locations on Anglesey

Jumping the waves whilst kitesurfing at rhosneigr

Kitesurfing at Rhosneigr

Rhosneigr beach is situated on the western side of Anglesey, and is a fantastic beach for kitesurfing when conditions are right. Rhosneigr beach is open and very exposed to westerly winds. Rhosneigr bay is a huge area with no structures or obstacles so there is plenty of room for everyone.

This beach has great access from several points. Rhosneigr also benefits from having its own water sports shop, and café right next to the shore. Funsport has everything from board and wetsuit hire to new equipment.

Kitesurfing at Newborough beach

Newborough beach, also known as Llanddwyn beach, has started to become more popular for Kitesurfing over the last few years. This beach is extremely popular in summer so it is best to keep to the left hand side of the beach, as you come down on to the beach through the dunes, walk to the left. This beach is seriously long and you can sail on any state of the tide.

Although the beach is predominantly sand there is an area of small rocks and boulders covered in barnacles that will cut you if you land on there.


The main car park at Newborough has good toilet facilities, clean running water and even specially designated areas for barbecue’s.