Paddleboarding on Menai Strait in Anglesey
Photo : Tim Snow

paddleboarding on anglesey

If you love Paddleboarding (SUP), then Anglesey is a fantastic location for you! Here on Anglesey we have some great beaches and stretches of water!

Whether your a novice or experienced at Paddleboarding we have some amazing beaches for you. There are now courses available and quite a few places to hire a paddleboard!

paddleboarding courses on anglesey

If you’ve never tried Paddleboarding before, then why not take a short course from as little as two hours, you can be shown how to paddle correctly, get the correct posture and balance, which can help you get the maximum from your Paddleboarding experience.

Who runs courses on Paddleboarding?

Funsport in Rhosneigr

Funsport in Rhosneigr run courses in Paddleboarding as well as Paddleboard hire. The instructors at Funsport are very experienced in Paddleboarding as well as Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. Depending on experience and tides and weather you will either be on Rhosneigr beach or maybe Llyn Maelog lake in Rhosneigr or similar location.

Psyched Paddleboarding

Sian is also based on Anglesey and runs courses either in the magnificent Snowdonia National park on one of the local lakes or in a suitable location around Anglesey depending on experience, weather and tides. Sian is incredibly experienced and can take groups of up to 10 people.

Great Locations on Anglesey for Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding on Llyn Maelog in Rhosneigr

Llyn Maelog - Rhosneigr

If your a beginner or it’s a bit windy, Llyn Maelog lake is a great location. Situated just off the main road into Rhosneigr and opposite the Oystercatcher.

During spring and summer this can be a lovely place to go for a sup. Although not very large, it is very safe, and there is an abundance of nature and wildlife to see.

It is possible to park on the side of the road, then a very short walk to the edge of the lake. There are even a couple of picnic tables near to the lake to have a spot of food after your sup!

paddleboarding in Holyhead Harbour

Holyhead Harbour

Holyhead harbour is a great place to paddleboard, and it has the added bonus of protection from the Holyhead Breakwater.

There is usually plenty of parking near to the sailing club, and there is a slipway or shingle beach for launching.

After you’ve finished you can have a brew and bite to eat at the Marina cafe near to the top of the slipway.

Llanddwyn beach - Newborough

Another fantastic location for Paddleboarding when the weather conditions are right. Lots of parking close to the beach, and with the wind most common from the south westerly direction this is a really safe location.

An onshore breeze (from a westerly direction) is quite common making paddle boarding here quite safe, if there is an offshore wind (blowing from a north easterly or easterly) direction then we advise no to paddle board.

For the more experienced it is possible to sup over to Llanddwyn Island.

Paddleboarding on the Menai Strait

Menai Strait - Menai Bridge

ONLY FOR THE EXPERIENCED!! You MUST have some knowledge of the tides and how they work. You must respect the Menai Strait, if you don’t it will bite you and bite you hard putting your own life and others at risk.

Calm conditions are advisable, depending on which way you go, you can use the tide to help. If you paddle down towards Beaumaris about an hour and half before high water, you can return with the incoming tide, its safer that way.

Stunning views of the inlets and small islands which have an abundance of birds and nature.