Menai Suspension Bridge in Fog at night
Photo : Tim Snow

Photography on Anglesey

If your hobby is photography then Anglesey is an ideal holiday destination for you! We have so many different locations where you can produce some amazing shots. On the slide show above is a selection of photography by our local photographers and visitors to the Isle of Anglesey.

With Anglesey being an Island we have so much choice of different coastal scenery, not to mention our famous Anglesey sunsets. Then you have the nature and wildlife with so many birds and varieties of wildlife. Rural Anglesey can also provide some great landscape photography as well and to top it all of if your into night photography we have some amazing locations for Aurora photography when conditions are right.

Llanddwyn island beaches paths and lighthouse in summer

Coastal Photography

Anglesey has nearly 125 miles of fantastic coastline providing you with some great opportunities, the colours, textures and shapes can be found in abundance creating so many chances for your camera to smile!.

We have many lighthouses, islands and so many beaches. With having so much coastline, water sports can provide so many photo opportunities as well.

Mist and light on the Menai Suspension bridge

Night time Photography on Anglesey

With Anglesey having so many iconic building and features is possible to get some truly magnificent photographs at night time.

Anglesey is one of those few place that you can get some great Aurora photography, Penmon Point is one of the best places to see it.

The Puffin a regular visitor to Anglesey in the spring

Wildlife and Bird Photography on Anglesey

The island has an abundance of nature and wildlife mainly due to the amount of coastline, forests and country parks. If your into bird and wildlife photography then we have several RSPB locations like the famous South Stack, choughs can be found and the occasional Puffin if your lucky! We have boat trips to Puffin island where you can see grey seals and porpoise, along with a host of seabird’s.

Anglesey is also famous for the Red Squirrel, where they thrive in protection from the greys. Newborough forest is a fantastic place to see them.