Amlwch Branch Line
Photo : Tim Snow

Amlwch Branch Line

Also known as the Anglesey Central Railway or Lein Amlwch. This branch line is 17 1/2 miles from Gaerwen junction on the Holyhead main line, and four stations later before arriving at Amlwch station.

In 2007 The Anglesey Central Railway Limited incorporated in order to preserve and keep the line running. They are still very active, cleared miles and miles of the line and hope to release some good news soon….

Unfortunately like many other branch lines throughout the UK, this beautiful rural branch line closed to passenger traffic after the Beeching report in 1964. Several special passenger trains did run in 1992 and 1994 which were run by the Isle of Anglesey Railways Ltd.

Associated Octel who manufactured high octane fuel for aviation kept freight traffic from their works in Amlwch running until 1993.

New Lease of Life

On the 7th December 2007 the Anglesey Central Railway Ltd was incorporated. They have over the years been clearing the line and making it ready for the day that trains will run on this pretty rural line again.

After some false starts, a branch railway into Anglesey was authorised: the Anglesey Central Railway was authorised on 13 July 1863.

They had approached the LNWR to work their line, but had been rebuffed. A passenger service started from Gaerwen to Llangefni on 12 March 1865, worked by the LNWR, who had relented.

The line was extended to Llannerch-y-medd on 1 February 1866, and throughout to Amlwch on 3 June 1867. The final section may have been opened to goods traffic earlier, on 10 September 1866.