Anglesey Coastal Path at Porth Trecastell
Photo : Tim Snow

The Anglesey coastal path

The Anglesey coastal path is one of Anglesey’s greatest attractions and the path follows over 90% of the Anglesey coastline.

This Coastal Path is nearly 125 miles in total and would take approximately 12 days to complete from start to finish. The path which is mainly for walkers, but there are also various sections which are suitable for cyclists and horse riders alike.

Anglesey Coastal Path Start sign at Holyhead Church

Anglesey Coastal Path’s 12 Sections

The Anglesey Coastal Path is devided into 12 main sections which can be completed individually as you wish, or if staying here on a walking holiday can be completed in about 12 days.

The official start and end point is at St. Cybi’s church located inside the old Roman Fort in Holyhead, grid reference SH247 826, but you can start at any section which is nearest to you.

Once you have completed all 12 sections of the Coastal Path you receive a special certificate.

Each section of the coastal path has it’s own map which can be downloaded with an excellent and thorough description of that particular section.

Anglesey County Council provide an excellent map and full description on their website we have included a link to their link on this page.

Anglesey Coastal Path sign and Elins tower at South Stack

Beautiful sights on Anglesey Coastal Path

There are some amazing sights and attractions to be seen on many of the coastal paths.

The section of the coastal path that runs along the Menai Strait between our two famous bridges, the Menai Suspension bridge and Britannia bridge.

Another beautiful section of the coastal path runs along the cliffs near to Moelfre where the Royal Charter sank with over 4 tonnes of gold! This is also very close to Din Lligwy hut circle

You can also pass the beautiful South Stack lighthouse and call in to Elin’s Tower which is currently run by the RSPB and see thousands of nesting birds on the cliff tops with their binoculars and live video cameras.