Beautiful Beaumaris Pier at high tide
Photo : Tim Snow

Beaumaris Victorian Pier

This recently refurbished Victorian Pier at Beaumaris is very popular for fishing and in the summer holidays hoards of young children come here for the thrill of crab fishing. It’s quite a sight to see the whole of one side of the pier with crab lines out and crabs being brought up by both children and parents alike!

Beaumaris victorian pier and Snowdonia

170 Year old Victorian Pier

Beaumaris pier was built in 1846 nearly 170 years ago, and was originally built to allow pleasure steamers to drop off and pick up passengers.

When first built it was constructed from concrete and stone, but in 1872 it was rebuilt taking on a the classical Victorian style and shape we still know today.

In 1895 the pier was to undergo further works and refurbishment, this time to extend the length of the pier to 170 meters and a T-shaped pontoon was added at the end of the pier, also a pavilion was added and a 2ft 6in railway line to carry baggage from the steamers, the remains of this railway line still exist today 120 years later!

The newly refurbished Beaumaris Pier could now compete for the summer traffic which was also visiting the nearby Garth Pier in Bangor.

It was the Liverpool and Northwest Steamship Company that ran the regular steamers that travelled to and from Liverpool and Llandudno along the Menai Strait. The most common steamers to do this run were the Snowdon, La Marguerite and the St. Elvies.

Pleasure Trips from Beaumaris Pier

Pleasure Trips from Pier to see Dolphins

In 2011 the Pier at Beaumaris underwent more refurbishment and a floating landing stage which rose up and down with the tide was constructed to allow the various pleasure boats to pick up and drop off the various passengers. Today it is possible to catch one of the pleasure boats which will take you to Puffin Island to see the Puffins and Dolphins.