Llyn Parc Mawr
Photo : Llyn Parc Mawr

Llyn Parc Mawr

Llyn Parc Mawr is an area of woodland located between the villages of Malltraeth and Newborough next to the A4080, and was created by the Llyn Parc Mawr Community Woodland group in 2014.

If your looking to see one of Anglesey’s famous Red Squirrel’s, then this is an excellent location to see them.

Tufted Duck and ducklings on Llyn Parc Mawr lake

Wildlife lake

Within the area of Llyn Parc Mawr there is a ‘secret lake’ which was created to help provide a home for local and visiting waterfowl like greylag geese, tufted duck and the little grebe.

They also have a visiting otter now as well.

Anglesey Red Squirrel

One of our iconic species is the protected red squirrel, which can be seen as you sip your coffee sitting at the picnic tables overlooking the squirrel feeders, which are filled regularly by volunteers. You can then follow the red squirrel marked trail through the woodland.

Volunteers teaching at Llyn Parc Mawr


It is managed by the Llyn Parc Mawr Community Woodland Group, which is made up of 11 volunteers.

The volunteers are passionate about managing the woodland for the benefit of the local community by increasing the biodiversity of the woodland for the special animals that live there.

They have successfully been awarded the Green Flag Community Award for the last three years.