Ynys Gorad Goch Island in Menai Strait
Photo : Tim Snow

ynys gorad goch (island in the menai strait)

Ynys Gorad Goch which means Red Weir Island, is a private island situated in the middle of the Menai Strait, between the Menai Suspension bridge and the Britannia Bridge in a body of water known as the Swillies or Swellies.

This beautiful island of Ynys Gorad Goch can best be seen from one of the two “beauty spots” lay bye on the A5 Road which travels between Menai Bridge and Llanfair PG, (between the two bridges on the Anglesey side).

One of the stone wall fish traps on the shores of the Menai STrait

Menai Strait Fish Traps

The Swellies has always been popular for fishing due to the volume of fresh sea water changing when the tide comes in.

During the early 1800’s several weirs or fish traps were constructed along the shores of the Menai Strait between the two bridges, the remains of these fish traps can still be seen today at low water.

Ynys Gorad Goch from mainland

Ynys Gorad Goch - The island with its own fish trap

The Island was once used to trap fish and then smoke them. During the 1820’s a trap was built on the Island to catch fish during high tide, then as the tide went out the fish were recovered. The fish trap on the island is still visible today.

The earliest known document relating to the Island dates from 1590 when it is listed as belonging to the Diocese of Bangor which leased it for £3 and a barrel of herrings a year.

The island in the Menai Strait was recently highlighted on television when the comedian Griff Rhys Jones visited the area to make a documentary about the Isle of Anglesey.