Beautiful Cemaes bay beach
Photo : Tim Snow

Cemaes Bay Beaches

Cemaes bay is lucky enough to have two beautiful sandy beaches, Traeth Mawr (big beach) and Traeth Bach (small beach). Traeth Mawr is obviously the larger of the two and is a beautiful wide sandy beach which is extremely popular as it is sheltered and gently shelves towards the sea.

A safe beach for children to build as many sand castles as they like. This beautiful seaside bay is overlooked by the old fishing village of Cemaes Bay. This is a fantastic beach for water sports and extremely popular for Kayaking, horse riding, and rock pooling.

Cemaes Bay beach traeth mawr

Traeth Mawr - Big Beach

The main beach at Cemaes Bay is known as Traeth Mawr (big beach). This beach is the large oval shaped beach, flat and with clean sand. The good thing about this beach it is protected on three sides by the shore, cliffs and the harbour.

This beach is large and safe so the kids can play and run around to their hearts content, as the beach is flat there are no big currents, but a heathy respect for the sea should always be respected! A popular beach for horse riding and launching kayaks and canoes.

Traeth bach beach at Cemaes Bay

Traeth Bach - Small Beach

Traeth bach or small beach at Cemaes Bay is really on the western side of the main beach Traeth Mawr. It has much softer sand is near a small road that travels through the village. There is a very limited amount of parking next to Traeth bach.

This small sandy beach faces an easterly direction and faces the main beach and the seaward opening of Cemaes bay itself.