Newry Beach with lovely views of Holyhead harbour
Photo : Tim Snow

Newery Beach - Holyhead Harbour

Newry beach in Holyhead runs from the Coastguard station right to the far end of the promenade by the Holyhead sailing club, apart from the fact that it is quite a pleasant walk from one end to the other with a nice view of all the yacht and boats, there is quite a bit to do and see around the Newry beach area.

Newry beach is home to the Holyhead Maritime museum as you travel along the promenade you can see the Holyhead breakwater that was built to protect the harbour, the stone for this mega long structure came from the Breakwater Country Park about a mile away.

Newry beach Promenade

The promenade at Newry beach in Holyhead is just over half a mile long with great views of the harbour and Holyhead Breakwater.

At one end of the promenade you have the Holyhead Maritime Museum with the Harbourfront Bistro next to it, then at the other end you have the main entrance to the marina and lifeboat shop.