Black Point beach near Penmon
Photo : Tim Snow

black point beach - Penmon

Black Point or Penmon Point as it is also known is the most easterly beach on Anglesey. It has amazing views of Puffin Island and the Great Orme. A beach with beautifully smooth rounded large pebbles. There is a remoteness about this point as the bell of Trwyn du lighthouse sounds every few minutes. The left side of the beach slopes sharply down towards the sea, whilst the right hand side is less Stoney but more rocky.

This beach is very popular all year round for its shore fishing especially in the summer when the mackerel arrive!

Trwyn Du Lighthouse at Black Point near Penmon

Trwyn Du lighthouse at Black Point

The need for a lighthouse at this location was very much emphasised after the Rothesay Castle ran aground with the loss of over a 140 lives in 1831. The first lighthouse to be erected here was built in 1838 at a cost of £11,589.00.

Trwyn Du lighthouse is one of the most iconic lighthouses on Anglesey with Puffin Island just behind it.

The old lifeboat station at Penmon

Penmon Lifeboat Station

Penmon Point is also famous for another reason albeit not so commonly known.

On the south side of Penmon Point you can find the old Lifeboat station and the remains of the slipway which was used to launch Penmon Lifeboat.

As a direct result of the Rothesay Castle running aground with only 23 people surviving out of over 140 crew and passengers, the need for a Lifeboat here was greater than ever.

Fishing at Black Point beach

Fishing at Black Point

There is some excellent fishing to be had here at Penmon Point, with some pretty spectacular scenery we have to say!

The black rocks which give Black Point it’s name are an excellent platform for casting off from the shore here. During the summer months, fishing for Mackerel can be an exciting experience.

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