Pentraeth beach from Llanddona hill
Photo : Tim Snow

Pentraeth Beach

Pentraeth beach is situated on the South east side of Anglesey next to it’s sister beach at Llanddona. This extremely flat beach seems to go for miles when the tide goes out. This massive sandy beach is flanked by Pentraeth forest.

This beach is a series of five sandy beaches that almost follow on one from the other, Benllech, St. David’s, Red Wharf bay, Pentraeth beach and last but not least Llanddona beach.

Sand Yachting on Pentraeth Beach is also popular

Horse Riding and Sand Yachting

If you are into Sand Yachting or Land Sailing, as it is also known, then this beach is a fantastic place to launch. It is flat and firm sand and ideally sandwiched between Red Wharf bay beach and Llanddona beach. This beach is very popular with horse riding and walking.

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