The Belgian Promenade
Photo : Tim Snow

Tranquil walk along Belgian Promenade

This is one of my favourite local Anglesey walks, through the beautiful Coed Cyrnol, (Colonels Wood) around Church Island and along the Belgian Promenade in Menai Bridge. This is a great walk and not to long either.

There are two paths down to the beautiful Church Island from the car park, you can either follow the main tarmac road downhill or you can turn right just after the bottom of the steps, this path takes you through Coed Cyrnol, now a nature reserve, and also brings you out by the causeway that crosses over to Church Island (Ynys Tysilio).

When with the wife I usually stick to the main path down, it’s very beautiful with trees either side and is also one of many homes to the Anglesey red Squirrel. The tide was out as usual, for some reason more often than not it is when I go for walk down there, in fact it was a full moon so the tide was out much further than usual, I was able to see ‘The Platters rocks’ on the other side of the Menai Strait, HMS Conwy came to her fatal end very close to here, back in 1953.

Our usual walk around Church Island, was not disappointing, the views, the sounds of the Oystercatchers, there is a special sense of calm when here. The little church of Saint Tysilio originally built around 630 AD was closed, but now reminds me of two of my friends Martyn and Malen who got married there this year. The view of the Britannia Bridge and Ynys Gorad Goch (the island in the middle of the Menai Strait) never tires.

Lots of wildlife around Church Island

The wildlife around the island is always lovely to see, the Herons, and there are plenty of them, the little Egrets, which seem to be breeding well in many parts of North Wales now, and of course the Mallard trotting across the mud flats always quacking like mad. In the evening the little bunnies come out to nibble in their masses.

The walk along the Belgian Promenade is so beautiful this time of year, and I just can’t resist getting my phone out and doing a quick video for Twitter and Instagram, I probably shoot the same video and take the same photos , the view is always slightly different, but I can’t help wanting to share its beauty every time, the trees are in full bloom and look magnificent, such a peaceful place.

I often wonder if the distant relatives of the refugees from Mechelen in Northern Belgium, who built the promenade around 1914 are aware of the beautiful place their distant relatives created.

Thomas Telford’s Menai Suspension Bridge

As we come round the corner the Mighty Thomas Telford’s Menai Suspension bridge comes into view, what a sight, I think he should be knighted in arrears! Sir Thomas Telford, it has a great ring to it, and a statue to him on the Anglesey side!

I see the grey Rib from RibRide travelling back to its base in Menai Bridge, and reflect on the exciting trips I’ve had with them over the last few years. Just before I walk around the corner and the Menai Strait goes out of view, I see some paddleboarders just coming under the Menai Suspension Bridge, Is it Sian, my friend from ‘Psyched Paddleboarding‘ that introduced me to this great pastime? I can’t see her red bobble hat, so maybe not!

After a the walk up the the hill, we call into the Anglesey Arms for a quick drink in the beer garden at the back of the hotel, then two mins walk, downhill back to the car. Stunning place for a walk, one of my all time favs on Anglesey I have to say. If your looking for a great walk, with plenty to see, and some stunning views, try the Belgian Promenade….


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