Gallows Point near Beaumaris
Photo : Tim Snow

Gallows Point

Gallows Point beach is located on the right hand side en route to Beaumaris travelling from the Menai Bridge direction. Gallows Point beach is not your typically Anglesey sandy beach but one comprising of fine shingle on the Beaumaris side and on the Bangor pier there are more larger rocks and stones.

Gallows Point was originally named “Osmund’s Eyre” but became known Gallows Point after Beaumaris town gallows was erected and five hangings took place there between 1744 and 1786.

Cut stones believed to be from the “Dead House” which once was located at the point have been used in the pillar at the entrance to the North Yard.

Sunrise at Gallows Point near Beaumaris

Boat Building at Gallows Point

Gallows Point has been synonymous with boat building and boat repair for many decades, maybe even centuries. Morris & Leavett, which became Anglesey Boat Company built boats here for many years.

Their impressive record includes building the 17 Menai Strait One design (between 1937 and 1952) which are still going strong and sailed out of Beaumaris.

Also the final Hibra One design, built by ABC in 1966, which is now in the care of the Liverpool Maritime Museum, along with one of the two huge anchors from HMS Conway which met her fate in the Swellies.