Beautiful Porth Diana at low tide
Photo : Tim Snow

Porth Diana - Trearddur bay

Trearddur bay is another of those lucky Anglesey resorts to have several beautiful sandy beaches within close proximity of each other, three in fact! Both Porth Diana and Porth Castell are on the south side of Trearddur bay and Porth Diana is the second largest next to the main Trearddur bay beach.

This small oval shaped beach is very idyllic with beautiful soft sand and usually very clear water. At the mouth of the bay there is a flotilla of beautifully coloured boats and yachts adding to the scenery. Like the main beach in Trearddur Bay Porth Diana beach is also regarded as a safe beach.

This beach is very popular for scuba diving, snorkelling and is also used by the local sailing club. The only downside to this beautiful beach is the fact that you will probably need to walk to it, as there are double yellow lines along most of Ravenscroft road.

Trearddur Bay Sailing Club

After two sailing friends challenged each other to a “race” around the rocks at Trearddur Bay on an August morning in 1918 the idea was born to explore the possibility of starting a sailing club at Trearddur Bay.

Trearddur Bay sailing club was founded the following year in 1919.

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