Traeth Crigyll beach during the summer
Photo : Tim Snow

Traeth Crigyll beach

Traeth Crigyll beach is a beautiful sandy beach to the right of Rhosneigr main beach. It is really sandwiched between Traeth Cymyran beach and the main beach, so maybe slightly quieter (maybe!)

It also has a stream, the Afon Crigyll running through it, which children love to build a dam and try and stop the flow of water! At low water there are also some rocks, which provide some great rock pooling, which maybe home to the odd small fish or shrimps.

This beach has easy access as several of the main roads in Rhosneigr lead down towards the beach. With only a very short walk from the main village, drinks and refreshments are not too far away.

Traeth Cymyran Beach

Traeth Cymyran beach

If you carry on along Traeth Crigyll over the stream in a northerly direction keeping the large sand dunes to your right you will join Traeth Cymyran.

This next part of the beach runs parallel with RAF Valley. RAF base where Prince William served as a helicopter pilot with 22 Squadron between 2010 and 2013.

As this beach and its neighbouring beaches are so close to RAF Valley you will see fast jets and helicopters landing and taking off, almost on a daily basis.

Sand dunes at Traeth Crigyll beach

The south side of the beach is either sand dunes or low rocky cliff side offering some shelter from the sometimes keen westerly wind, also ideal for summer barbecues.

This beach gets lots of sun making it one of those great Anglesey “all day beaches”. Like many of the beaches on Anglesey, Traeth Crigyll has excellent water quality.

This beach can also be accessed from the top road, (Station Road) and left down Porth Crigyll there is a path close to the fire station.

Surf Canoeing at Traeth Crigyll Rhosneigr

Watersports at Traeth Crigyll

In the summer there is a chance that this corner beach is a little quieter than the main Rhosneigr beach round the corner.

In the summer land yachts can be seen sailing up and down the nearby Cymyran beach.

Land sailing is becoming more popular here in the summer. Windsurfing, kitesurfing and Paddle boarding are also very popular both in summer and winter alike here.


There are no facilities at this corner beach, the nearest cafe is at Funsport at the bottom of Beach Road and a village shop for refreshments a the top of the road. The nearest public toilets are by the library in the centre of Rhosneigr just under a mile away.

Dog Restrictions

There are no dog restrictions on this beautiful sandy beach, but please be a responsible dog owner as it is very popular with young children.